About Us

Who Are We

Our company got into action in order to perform in nacre and wood craft sectors with the devoted endeavours of Davut KAZAR in 1993.Our establishment operated as an unlimited company until 1998 and then was turned into a family company.Our company has been continuing its actions ideally in a closed area of 7500 m²  which is settled on an area of 10,000 m².

We export most of our production to Middle East, Europe and America.Generally our product range is; furniture, backgammon, chessboard and pieces, okey, accessories and giftware. We also produce special designs with projects.We are working to serve you, our precious consumers, the best without sacrificing quality. We thank you for your interest on our products.Best Regards.


To continue the art of mother-of-pearl inlay and wood mosaic from the history, to ensure that the world recognizes our cultural heritage from history and to support the new generation to sustain these values. 


To enhance the awareness of our craftsmanship and art both in the country and to enhance our export rate, so we ensure that our cultural values are recognized worldwide.