Backgammon board game

Backgammon, game played by moving counters on a board or table, the object of the game being a race to a goal, with the movement of the counters being controlled by the throw of two dice. Elements of chance and skill are nicely balanced in backgammon so that each is usually essential to victory. The game became highly popular worldwide in the late 20th century.


Is Backgammon good for the brain?
Scientists have been trying to figure out the link between playing mind games such as backgammon and maintaining a healthy brain function. ... The study demonstrated that playing backgammon and other intellectually stimulating activities helps prevent symptoms of Alzheimer disease.


Is Backgammon still popular?
Despite the fact that it has existed for several millennia, backgammon is still enjoyed among people from all over the world. Not only does this fun board game have a worldwide fan base, but there are also backgammon tournaments where the best players compete against each other for lucrative prizes.


Is Backgammon a skill or luck?
Backgammon is a game that combines chance and skill, and everyone who comes across it asks “how much is luck, and how much skill?”. The answer of course is “it depends”. Consider that for two exactly equally skilled players, the result appears to be 100% luck and the best forecast for a result is a coin flip.


Can you combine dice in backgammon?
The dice must be rolled together and land flat on the surface of the right-hand section of the board. The player must reroll both dice if a die lands outside the right-hand board, or lands on a checker, or does not land flat.

Who is the best backgammon player in the world?
Backgammon Giants 2017 (top 10)
Rank Name Country
1. Masayuki "Mochy" MOCHZUKI (1) Japan
2. Michihito "Michi" KAGEYAMA (2) Japan
3. Victor ASHKENAZI (8) Russia/USA
4. Matt COHN-GEIER (5) USA
5. Petko KOSTADINOV (7) Bulgaria/USA
6. Matvey "Falafel" NATANZON (4) Israel/USA
7. Lars TRABOLT (11) Denmark
8. Akiko YAZAWA (3) Japan
9. Neil KAZAROSS (6) USA
10. Jörgen GRANSTEDT (164) Sweden

What country invented backgammon?
Mesopotamia and The Middle East

The history of backgammon can be traced back nearly 5,000 years to its origins in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), the world's oldest set of dice relatable to the game having been discovered in the region.